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Wedding coverage

Wedding coverage - the bride waits expectantly

is the most comprehensive means of documenting your wedding. While the guests are still making their way to the ceremony, my camera has already taken dozens of pictures of the bride and groom.

The big day begins with Getting Ready. As the bride watches nervously, the wedding hairstyle slowly takes shape. Every pin is crucial; every strand of hair must be securely in place. The make-up underscores the radiant expression of the bride. My camera captures every skillful move in the creation of a beautiful bride — as well as the anticipatory glances of all those helping. But the bride is not the only focus — I also catch the groom putting on his tie, styling his hair, and capture the friendly slap on the shoulder by the best man.

The walk up the aisle and the ceremony itself receive the same love and attention to detail: the way the eyes of the groom light up when he sees his beloved; the furtive touches between bride and groom during the ceremony, the emotional ‚I do‘, the moving exchange of the rings, and the tears of joy. The emotional tension has been visibly released once the ceremony is over and the guests move to the champagne reception. Here again, I am in the middle of the action while remaining discreetly on the sidelines. The cutting of the cake, the greeting of the guests, the wedding dance: every second of the day is so filled with emotion that it will give you goosebumps every time you look at your wedding pictures, even decades after the event.

During the wedding reception, many details are revealed that would be lost to you without wedding coverage.

The proud parents at the wedding dance, the joy expressed by the guests during preparation of the wedding surprises, and the secret tears of the guest you would not expect to be so moved. The photos taken during wedding coverage allow you to take a trip back in time to the most beautiful day of your life — whenever you want — again and again.

At your wedding, I am much more than a wedding photographer. A wedding is a very personal experience that is shared with family and friends. I consider myself a part of this group and a friend of the bride and groom. The emotions of the day are riveting and allow me to take expressive photos that capture the highly-charged atmosphere of the day. On your wedding day, I am your photographer, your partner, and your friend. Your satisfaction is dear to my heart!

You can find samples of my wedding coverage on my blog.