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The Post Wedding Shoot

What is the post wedding shoot all about? When the big day finally arrives, the excitement in the air is palpable. Getting ready is the most distressing phase of getting married — hair, dress, make-up — everything has to be perfect! The marriage ceremony itself, of course, is the climax of the day. Then come congratulations, emotional speeches, and close embraces. Once all the tears of joy have been shed, the meticulously planned wedding reception determines the rest of the day. Delicious food, good music, and appropriate entertainment, as well as perhaps the odd surprise, fill the remaining hours of the wedding day. Between all these activities, a little bit of time is dedicated to taking pictures of the bride and groom. These once-in-a-lifetime photos capture the day forever. The shoot of the bride and groom is one of the rare moments the newlyweds have to themselves that day — ignoring my presence as photographer. As beautiful as wedding days are: they fly by quickly and the newlyweds barely have a moment of quiet for themselves.
Post Wedding Shoot

A post wedding shoot is a great addition to the wedding day photos of the bride and groom

Because on this day, intimate togetherness and the photo shoot take center stage. Indulge yourself with several beautiful hours in front of the camera on a day that has special meaning to you. Make this shoot a surprise for your wife or husband, or plan this day together to enjoy the anticipation of its arrival. Whether the day following the wedding, on the first anniversary, or after two, three, four, five or ten years: you know best when the post wedding shoot should take place.

When taking pictures of the bride and groom on their wedding day, everyone moves carefully and treads lightly. The wedding dress and tuxedo need to remain in perfect condition for the rest of the day: spots, wrinkles, or even tears would put undue stress on the newlyweds. That is why the movements of the bride and groom are generally somewhat reserved and controlled during the course of the day, and therefore also in front of the camera. Not to worry: the photos are beautiful and capture the joy of the wedding day! The pictures taken during the engagement session, which occurs prior to the wedding, are equally precious for remembering the big day. Each type of wedding shoot thus has its own particular charm.

During the post wedding shoot, the former hesitancy of the bride and groom is replaced with tranquil serenity. The stress of the big day is long gone. Also, the post wedding shoot often presents the last opportunity for the bride and groom to wear their wedding dress and tuxedo. For the happy couple, and also for me as photographer, this scenario is the perfect set-up for simply gorgeous photos. And the best thing: you are free to choose whatever location you want. You love the beach? How about a quick getaway to Sylt or a trip to Mallorca? Cozy moments in the dunes, barefoot walks on the beach, or a joint plunge into the waves: the sky is the limit! Rome, Paris, or Venice are also ideal locations. A shoot at the Eiffel Tower, on the Spanish Steps, or in a gently swaying gondola will be remembered for a lifetime. You have your own special ideas about the perfect location? Terrific! The world is at your doorstep – let me know where you are going, and I look forward to joining you. What is important is that the location fits your style and you are comfortable during the shoot. Daring, crazy, or playful: the possibilities at a post wedding shoot are endless.

I look forward to joining you in your special location with my camera and to capture the magic of your togetherness. Trust me: these moments will be unforgettable!