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The photographer who stands behind Fotomanufaktur

Michael Epke-Wessel the wedding photographer behind Fotomanufaktur

Who stands behind Fotomanufaktur?
My name is Michael Epke-Wessel. I am a wedding photographer and I am happy that you would like to learn more about me. One thing right off the bat: I do not hide behind Fotomanufaktur – I stand behind it with my entire being!

I come from the Ruhr Valley in Germany, the city of Essen, to be exact.
People from this area are known for their hard work. They also have the reputation of being open and straightforward. Another characteristic is that they have their hearts in the right place — I think these descriptions fit me as well!

Photography is my passion and it has been a part of me for a long time. A few years ago, I dared to trade in my trusted position behind the camera for the nervous position of groom in front of the camera: so, I know exactly how you feel! With a trained eye, I am constantly on the lookout for the ideal subject and the perfect moment. I will not shy away from any effort to get the perfect shot: I will climb high to get a bird’s eye perspective or, lay low for a frog’s!

In my private life, you can often find me on the golf course or working on the perfect cup of java as hobby barista. Interesting subjects that should be photographed can be found anywhere, so it can sometimes be difficult to separate my personal life from my professional one. But that is not necessarily what I want anyway! As your wedding photographer, I consider myself a friend of the family and strive to have a close relationship between you and my camera. At the same time, I will work discreetly, modestly, delicately, and with a great deal of empathy. I love my career and will put my experience and creativity to work for you, so that you will have the perfect pictures of your big day.

Whether you have a traditional wedding in mind, or want to give your imagination free reign: let me know what you are thinking. I am open to new ideas and welcome any challenges you want to bring my way. This does not just apply to weddings: Are you planning a family reunion? A big event? Tell me who should be photographed, when, where, and how; we will then find an appropriate concept for your ideas.

Your wedding photographer, Michael Epke-Wessel

I am a member of the Bund professioneller Portraitfotografen (bpp), the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), the Wedding Photojournalism Association (WPJA), the best of Wedding Photography and Fearless Photographers. I am proud to be among the few wedding photographers in Germany who have been accepted by these renowned organizations. Several of my photographs have received awards in the category, wedding photographer, in international competitions by the above organizations. Since 2011, I am an official photographer for Now i lay me down to sleep (nilmdts).