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Photobooth – Polaroids are so yesterday

photobooth essen
Do you remember the good old Polaroid pictures?

Birthdays, Christmas, weddings — no special occasion was complete without a Polaroid camera and lots of snapshots. The camera instantly spit out a print, and thus began the waving of the photo in the air waiting for the image to appear! Everyone gathered around in great anticipation to see the final picture. Photos were viewed in a matter of minutes, and everyone had a great time taking pictures. If you liked this technology, you will absolutely love the photobooth!

The photobooth is a mobile, automated, photo vending machine.

Interactive picture taking, where guests snap photos independently, is a hit at every wedding. With the photobooth, step-by-step instructions are displayed on the screen. The shutter is operated by foot and, once activated, takes four pictures that are printed in a collage format. The quality of the pictures is outstanding and they can be viewed immediately. The photobooth is great fun for guests both young and old!

Self-portraits of the guests can be used for the guestbook: all those who sign the guestbook first take their picture in the photobooth. These pictures can later be added to the personal notes in the guestbook. This is a nice alternative to the usual, framed group photos of guests. I will bring the photobooth to your wedding, set it up, and make myself available for questions or helpful tips during your wedding. All photos taken are saved automatically, and the bride and groom receive all pictures in full resolution. Guests can download photos or order reprints through the customer login on my homepage. It has been my experience that the photos get more creative and amusing as the night goes on. As the festivities get louder, the guests get bolder, and these pictures are truly remarkable.

In addition to the photos taken by me, the photobooth delivers authentic, one-of-a-kind memories. Every activation of the shutter captures the festive mood of your wedding reception. Make this unforgettable experience available to your guests and start looking forward to these pictures!